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Watersport Sites
Team Squirt - she get hard fuck and make squirt
  "Team Squirt" (rating: 4.0) category: Watersports, Hardcore
Scientifically Proven Methods - We will teach you the methods to make girls squirt!
It's the scientific phenomenon of how young ladies can squirt the load out! Female blow up is a talent that not all women possess! See how these astonishing slits can squirt their cum out!

Amazing looking chicks who can manipulate their pussies and make them squirt female cum! These talented little beavers should join the fire department because they could put out a 4 alarm fire with that projectile ejaculate! Do you want to learn how you can make your own girl squirt? Inside of Team Squirt, they'll show you step by step exactly how to do this amazing feat! All exclusive pictures and videos of girls in messy wet action inside!

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101 Girls Peeing Pictures - Watersports
  "101 Girls Peeing Pictures" (rating: 3.0) category: Watersports
Like to see girls pee? Get a Golden Shower at 101 Girls Peeing Pictures We've got tons of pictures of cute girls letting it flow, plus hardcore movies, hidden toilet cams and live strip shows! See hot women wetting their pants and peeing on men. Plus chat rooms, peeing tales, online magazine... and more!

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She Pees - Watersports Sex
  "She Pees" (rating: 3.0) category: Watersports
Hot amateurs taking a warm piss while we take their pics! The best part is this site shoots its own content so you're cock will definitely be pleased here! Check it out for yourself today!
I am a confirmed lesbian and love women. One day my girlfriend and I were enjoying some good sex and I had to go pee so bad I couldn't stand it. We were in the 69 position and I was on top. I told Mel that I had to go and I would be right back. She told me I was her bitch and she would tell me when I could go and when I couldn't. She also told me she hadn't came yet and I was to continue to tongue fuck her asshole and finger fuck her cunt until she did. I squirmed a lot because I needed to pee so bad but I continued to do as I was told. I was trying so hard to make her cum so I could go pee and the more she played with my pussy the more I had to pee. Finally I knew I couldn't hold it any longer and started to tell Mel this and she slapped me on the ass so hard it surprised me and told me to shut up. I guess it surprised her too because when she slapped me on my ass I peed all over her face. I could hear her sputtering and gasping from the enormous amount of pee I had just dumped on her face but much to my surprise she came almost immediately. I told her I was sorry and would get up and get her something to clean up with but she told me not to move and that I was staying there until I had to pee again because this time she wanted to be prepared for it so she could actually taste it this time.

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Babes Peeing - Watersports Sex

"Babes Peeing" (rating: 2.5) category: Watersports
Do you love watching a hot girl taking a warm piss? Are you tired of seeing all the same girls though? Then you are sure to love this site with its thousands of hours of videos and pics!
I had an appointment to go to my gynecologists office and decided to have a huge coke to drink right before I went in to see him. He was really busy and I didn't have time to pee before they shuffled me to the exam room. They just told me to get undressed and get on the table and it's really damn cold in those rooms. He came in and told me to lay down and put my legs up in the stirrups and when he inserted that cold metal speculum into my pussy I couldn't hold it any longer and I peed all over him. It hit him in the face, ran down onto his hands and even onto his pants. I sat up and started apologizing to him until I looked down and saw the huge bulge in his pants. He pulled the speculum out of my pussy and his cock out of his pants and next thing I know the doc is giving me the hardest pussy fucking i've ever had. When he came he pulled it out and shot it all over my tits and face and told me that was payback for pissing on him.

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Pee Dorm - Watersports Sex

"Pee Dorm" (rating: 2.5) category: Watersports
Exclusive pictures and videos focusing on amateur watersports can be found at the Pee Dorm. You will find girls peeing in toilets, outdoors and on each other. Live sex shows, voyeur cams, audio confessions, sex stories, porn toons and adult games are also available at the Pee Dorm.

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